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Wildlife on Mes-Meheux

Civet Cat
Pangolin on the Island.JPG

The tropical island of Mes-Meheux was used for many years for hunting and some species were in danger of being lost completely. We have taken passion and care in ensuring that we preserve the wildlife and have reintroduced both plants and animals to their natural home. With this in mind we do strictly prohibit the hunting of animals on the island. 

Some of our wildlife:

Civet Cat

A beautiful animal that can be spotted during the evening. They enjoy a diet of fruit and small mammals and lizards.

Nile Monitor

Seeing this large reptile could make you think you have transported back to dinosaur times. Although fierce looking they are rather fearful of humans and are wonderful to watch and study.



There are a few snake species on the island such as Green Mamba and African cobra, although venomous they do keep out of the way of humans. 

Fruit Bat

During the evenings, especially towards the end of the rainy season you will enjoy the daily display of thousands of Fruit bats flying around the island. 

Green Monkey

Watch out for these cheeky monkeys. A good time to spot them is in the early daylight hours  on the shoreline where you can spot them fishing for crabs using their tails.

Guinea Fowl

Extremely friendly and seemingly tame - these stubborn and inquisitive birds will make you feel at home on the island 


Goats roam the island eating lots of shrubs and help the pathways stay clear from foliage!

There are many more species on the island and we have commissioned a full survey of the wildlife that will be published shortly on Tropical Island Adventure

Fish caught off the island of Mes-Meheux
Fruit Bat display at dusk. Mes-Meheux
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