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Harbour, Mes-Meheux, Banana Islands
Map of the Banana Islands, Sierra Leone
Natural Rock Pool, Mes-Meheux, Banana Islands

Survival Adventure Breaks on Mes-Meheux

Unleash your inner Robinson Crusoe and make your dreams of being the next Bear Grylls a reality with your own tropical island survivalist adventure on Mes-Meheux, the smallest of Sierra Leone’s Banana Islands. 


Mes-Meheux’s size and landscape make it the perfect destination to do this. Entirely uninhabited, you’ll find no mysterious human footprints on the sand as Crusoe did, while being able to rest assured that the island is entirely safe. Our team are contactable throughout at the end of a walkie talkie issued to each guest should any problems arise.

Tropical Island Campsite.JPG

Our packages include pick-up from Lungi international airport, and transportation to the slipway in the village of Kent approximately three hours south, as well as your return journey to the airport. Gateway to the islands, among the colourful wooden fishing boats of Kent you’ll be able to dip your feet in the warm waters of this part of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time as you board our boat to the island.

On route to Mes Meheux, at the far end of the Banana island chain, you’ll be able to take in the coastal forest vistas that stretch for nearly the full length of the islands, alongside sights including the slave-built causeway connecting the islands of Dublin and Ricketts. You might even be lucky enough to be joined part of the way by the dolphins that call this area of coast their home.

Boat leaving for Banana Islands

Before we leave you to your own devices on Mes-Meheux, you will receive a full day island orientation by trained forest rangers. With expertise in foraging and fishing, they will show you what you can and cannot eat in the pristine jungle of the island, alongside some of their favoured fishing spots. While you are welcome to enjoy the sight of the many animal species that inhabit Mes-Meheux’s tree cover, hunting and trapping are strictly prohibited, in keeping with our ethos of conservation.

Coastal path tropical island adventure

Providing all you need for your stay on the island, you are then free to use your time as you see fit, exploring all the island has to offer on land and at sea, by day and by night. Between foraging and fishing you can rest on any of the small beaches to keep a look out for dolphins and whales, and explore every inch of the island. Not only can you take in the views after the trek to the renovated eighteenth-century lighthouse that sits at the highest point of the island, but also slip through the trees by pedal power with our mountain bikes, or head out among the waves with a boat and boat man should you request one.

Natural rock pool on Mes Meheux.JPG

Accommodation is based around designated campsites with areas for cooking, and basic washing facilities. However, you can also opt to upgrade to cooked meals you haven’t had to prepare for yourself, guaranteeing you’ll never go hungry.

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