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Sunset of Tropical Island, Sierra Leone
Daily rate from USD $150pp

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The Tropical Island Experience

Banana Islands view from boat

Our trips to the Island are tailor made and bespoke to your needs. Below is an example:

Day 1:

Arrival. Our friendly and professional tour operatives will meet you as you arrive off the plane and take you via boat to Freetown. You can unwind in luxury private accommodation overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Enjoy dinner on a terrace whilst you watch the sunset.

Day 2:

Early morning start. We will pack your belongings into the 4x4 and make our way down the peninsular to the village of Kent where we will board the boat to the Island. 

Once on the Island you will be briefed by our experts on how to survive and have an introduction to  the various plants and wildlife that can be used. A small tour will be given showing you the campsite and emergency food and water stations which are clearly mapped.

Days 3 & 4:

You are left to your own devices to explore, survive and thrive living on a tropical island. Let your mind wander as you truly are back to nature living in the most wonderful environment.

Day 5:

Early morning pick up and a boat back to the mainland. You will be transported from Island survival life to a luxury beach side apartment where you can choose to relax however you wish...drinking cocktails, sunbathing on the lovely beach, massage under the stars...


Day 6:

Trip back to Freetown via the Tacuguma Chimpanzee sanctuary. Here is an oppotunity to see one of our closest cousins in their natural habitat. Enjoy this most wonderful sight - it's something you will never forget. 

Day 7:

We will take you to the airport and take care of all your needs before you check in to your flight.

Island Day Trips

Island Day Trips

The Island is a great place to enjoy a day trip from the hustle and bustle of Freetown. When you book you will have full exclusive access to this beautiful private island for a day.


You may prefer to just unwind and enjoy the sheer untouched beauty of the Island. Where you can relax and enjoy the most wonderful views, colorful plants and serenity our island has to offer.


Our island is also a great chilling location to enjoy time with friends, family or to party. Just let us know and our top standard team can arrange it for you.


Where else can you have your own private island for the day!

View of tropical island adventure.JPG

Every different trip and event is tailored to our clients needs and here below are just some of the great things we can put on for you:

Travel to and from Mes-Meheux 

Hiking tour around the island - with our expert plant and animal guide

Atlantic sea breeze massage

Yoga trips

Decorations for you around our Bafa, deck and seating area

DJ and live band for special events

Food packages prepared and cooked by our talented European and African Chefs. Here is an example of one of our buffet spreads:

Grilled Island caught Lobster 

Roasted Beef Couscous

Pepper Soup

Barracuda Steak

Grilled Shrimp

Barbecue Chicken

English Farmhouse pork or beef sausages


Tropical Island Sunset.JPG
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