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The Team


Isatou is a local paediatrician and general practitioner who fell in love with the island on sight. She's committed to conserving the natural beauty and abundance of Ill de Mes-Meheux. Avid hiker and gardener.

Miatta and Matt

Miatta is a local who enjoys cooking traditional and fusion inspired Sierra Leonean food using ingredients found on and around the island. Cassava Leaves stew with smoked fish and lobster bisque with sweet potato gnocchi island caught barracuda steak are favourites.

Matt is English and loves the outdoor survival life. Hands down Sierra Leone is his favourite country. For Matt nothing can beat the raw beauty of this land and tropical islands

Onesimus and Ibrahim

Onesimus is the operations manager of the island.  He has a wealth of knowledge about all things 'Sierra Leone' and is always on hand to assist and help if need be.


Ibrahim is number 2 to Ones and is a survival expert.


Augustin. Sierra Leone Park Ranger

Augustin  is a former park ranger who has encyclopaedic knowledge of all the flora and fauna to be found in West Africa. He is our local guide. 

Ambah and Onesimus

Ambah is a UK based International Relations student with a passion for animal welfare and conservation. She spends her holidays researching and consulting on wildlife protection.

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